JME Ventures III, FCR

For our recently launched third venture capital fund with a target size of €60M, 2020-2025 as investment period, and 2025-2030 as disinvestment period, we are looking for:

<aside> 🦄 25-35 companies with the potential to reach a value ≥ €500M in < 7 years


😍 We love



😑 What does not excite us

💸 How we invest

<aside> 👉🏻 We invest long term in companies with high growth potential and that create positive results for its founders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers and society.


We don’t buy lottery tickets or options. We hate the word “bets”. We only invest in 6 - 8 new companies per year to be able to invest the time needed in each team.

Our initial ticket ranges from €200k to €3M, and we aim to obtain at least 10% of the company’s fully diluted capital.

We want to invest up to €6M in subsequent rounds in companies with extraordinary performance.

There are lots of followers, but just a few leaders. We are not afraid of the responsibility that creates leading a funding round and participating in the board.

We work as a team. You’ll never hear us say “this is my investment” or “this is not my investment.” Although each investment has a main team member, all deals are from the entire JME Ventures team.